Patrol week by Chris March 2017

Making a guest apperance on the EHRA Blog this week is our very own Chris! Read what he has to say about the last patrol week: 'We set off on Monday and drove to a farm not too far from camp and saw fresh ele tracks walking down the road we were on. As we …

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Volunteer Blog 17th-28th October 2016

Today was a day to travel. We left base camp and drove four hours to the farm where our first project would be. On our way we passed many small shacks with women and children selling crafts on the side of the road.  We set up camp and then cooked dinner. For lunch, we stopped …

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Volunteer Project 30th May-10th June

  What a great journey once again! On Building week our volunteers worked very hard, and almost finished a wall in Otjongundu! The new group is already there continuing the work. On Patrol they were lucky to see many different elephants, and funny sightings like sleeping Bennie. Many elephants were still around EHRA's Base Camp. …

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