Volunteer Project 22 Jan – 2 Feb 2018

Name: Pam (Dolores) Clynes
Age: 34
Country: Mexico City
Project Date: 21st Jan  – 10th Feb

ehra volunteer 2018 desert elephant namibia

Why did you choose to volunteer with EHRA?

I’ve always wanted to do a project like this. From the 1 st moment I read about EHRA I knew I wanted to help and volunteer for such an amazing cause, plus I’m obsessed with elephants!

What was build week like?

It was hard work but such great satisfaction. I feel very proud of myself because I was able to get my hands dirty and do the heavy work with passion and a very positive attitude. I felt useful and that I accomplished something good for the community.

What happened on your patrol?

The 1st 2 days I was frustrated that we didn’t get to see the elephants, but Chris was a fantastic guide and explained everything so well, the importance of tracking and following up with the people of the farms, checking in to see if they have any problems to be fixed. The last day was magical, we saw all herds and then they came to the camp to drink from the water holes.

What will you remember most about your time with EHRA?

The people, the vibe, the sunsets and sunrises and the elephants. I had a great time; it’s all I was hoping for, to start the New Year. Thanks for making this an incredible adventure.


Name: Laure Gruet
Age: 35 in 7 days
Project date: 22 Jan – 2 Feb 2018

Desert elephant Namibia fresh tracks
Bennie’s tracks

Have you travelled or volunteered before? If so where?

I have travelled quite a lot but never volunteered.

Was the experience with EHRA what you thought it would be?

It was beyond my expectations. Everything is great. The base camp is a little heaven in the middle of peace and silence. Build week was hard but rewarding and patrol week was the same, patience… but when we finally saw the elephants all the bumps and the crappy roads were far away.

How did you like sleeping outside?

It was breathtaking to sleep outside under the stars, the sand on a mattress, the sky as a cover and the moon and stars as bedside lamps. The silence and the wind, being part of the wild was stunning.

How did you find not washing?!

I find it too dusty! At the end, I got used to it but I was happy to be able to shower again.


Name: Emily Esen
Age: 25
Country: Australia
Project date: 5 Jan – 2 Feb 2018

ehra patrol lunch time ugab river namibia
Having lunch in the Ugab upstream from camp.

Describe the EHRA base camp:

So fun and quirky, looked like where Peter Pan and the lost boys would hang out! Great layout, really felt like home, very comfortable and clean. The shower was my favourite, made you feel like you where showering under a waterfall.

Describe the build week camp:

Dusty, but obviously can’t be helped, comfortable as it could be under the circumstances. Was so exhausted after building, just slept anyway.

Describe the patrol week camps:

So fun, the spots we found was so beautiful, being able to watch the sunrise and sunset was magical.
Sleeping under the stars was definitely a highlight of the trip!!!

What other animals did you see during your time with EHRA?

Zebra, Giraffe, Springbok, Jackal, eagle, flamingo.(goat, cow and dog… )


Name: Martin Carr
Age: 50
Country: Scotland
Project date: 5 Jan – 2 Feb 2018


What was the group of people like on your project and how did you all get on?

I worked with 2 different groups of people and got on well with both of them.

How did you find cooking on the fire and being on duty?

Not a problem, I have done volunteering before and at home I do lots of camping.

Describe the work on build week and hoe did you find/enjoy it?

It was hard work but well worth it (could do with a cement mixer).

What was the best part of patrol and how did you like sleeping outside?

Seeing the elephants in their natural environment. I enjoyed sleeping outside very much.



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